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"Now, I have lived in a few places in my life between the Caribbean, Hawaii, and the continental United States. Despite the fact that I have traveled some, I would never in a million years claim to have any sense of direction. I mean, I could get lost inside of a paper bag. And guess what? So could Angela!!! And guess what again? There was just the two of us left to our own devices to navigate the 'big island' of St. Croix.

We were met, thankfully, in the parking lot of Ft. Christian by the villa manager of Mango Hill Great House where we would be residing. Might I take a moment to mention the unbelievable beauty and magnificence of this villa? So, the manager leads us the short distance to the villa where she shows us around and throughout the course of the conversation happens to mention that there was Friday night Sunset Jazz in Frederiksted and would we be interested in going as she is planning to go and would be happy to come back and lead us there.

I cannot recommend highly enough a trip to St. Croix but if you happen to be there over a Friday night- check to see if there is any jazz going on.

--- Submitted September 2008



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"We, to our dismay, have returned home to reality. Being in your beautiful home and enjoying the indescribable beauty and peacefulness we found there, was truly a wonderful experience. Our family loves to sleep late when on vacation, but we found ourselves rising early excited to sit on the patio with our morning coffee and take in the wondrous view.

Upon arrival my wife opened the door to our rental vehicle and asked if we were in heaven. We felt that we were very close to it. We appreciate you sharing your home with us. We have stayed in numerous vacation rentals, but none so well stocked as yours.

Hanne (island manager and escort) was so very cordial to us, and taking her time out on Christmas day to meet and escort us to your home was so thoughtful of her.

We hope to visit your piece of paradise again."

Thank you for everything.

--- Submitted December 2012

"I wanted to thank you all so very much for making our St. Croix trip fantastic. When we arrived at Villa des Great Chefs, took off our shoes, and had a drink in hand we said this was UTOPIA!!!

There were 4 of us traveling to St. Croix (from 3 different states, ages ranging from 23 to 79) but we all agreed this was the best place ever! I do not think we will ever be happy at a hotel again."

--- Submitted February 2008