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Nevis is the perfect retreat for the island lovers, hikers, and Caribbean food connoisseurs. Although just a scenic 30-minute ferry ride away from its larger and busier sister island of St. Kitts, Nevis is less developed and a lot slower-paced, boasting the fact that there is not one traffic light on the island! Nevis offers activities for everyone, whether you are a history buff, a beach bum, a hiker, a photographer, or a food taster, all this and more can be done on Nevis, making it the perfect choice for a multi-generational family vacation, a honeymoon, or a destination wedding . With genuinely friendly people, a lovely climate, and delicious food, it is truly a tropical paradise!

On 300+ acres of land stretching from the foothills to the beach, the Four Seasons Resort offers a diverse range of villas and the best services and activities you could ask for. Stay at the Pinney’s Beach or Palm Grove villas, where the tranquil Pinney’s Beach is just a minute’s walk or golf cart drive from your doorstep, or enjoy one of the villas in Sunset Hill where the view of the rolling green golf course hills sprawl out to the sea below you - or even more enchanting for some - choose a Mahogany Hill villa where the mystical Nevis Peak touring above you will take your breath away! No matter which villa you choose, you will be amazed by the beauty of the landscape, the ease of access to all the amenities offered, and the outstanding service provided by the always welcoming and smiling staff at the Four Seasons Nevis.

The warmth and friendliness of the people of Nevis are a great part of what appeals to visitors from around the world. Kind and gracious, they take pride in their home and pleasure in sharing it. As in many small communities, life on Nevis is more tranquil and simpler. A Nevisian vacation is the perfect way to re-connect and rejuvenate. It's not hard to find your way around or get local knowledge - on this little island; everybody knows everything - so stop in the village to chat. Greet the smiling Nevisian folks with a "Good Morning" or "Good Afternoon" and have an interesting conversation! Especially memorable are the Hot Springs at Bath Village – these geothermally heated pools welcome visitors and locals alike to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the springs (which are complimentary to boot). The Hot Springs are not all that Nevis has to offer. Once on Nevis, visitors may decide to take one of the many hiking trails - to the waterfalls, to “haunted” ruins, or even to the top of Nevis Peak where a 360-degree view of sapphire blue waters and verdant hills and valleys is the reward! Or, in Charlestown (Nevis’ only town!) you can visit the old home of Alexander Hamilton, and enjoy a beverage at the quaint café next door, overlooking the bay. On the North side of the island, the Newcastle Pottery Shop remains a popular stop for visitors where they can choose pieces made from Nevisian clay that are fired in the time-honored tradition over coconut husks. Or, some visitors choose to explore the surrounding waters by enjoying a sunset sail or a fishing charter. But the real allure to Nevis lies in its relaxed and tranquil ambience - you can kick back at your hillside or beach villa and just enjoy a simple island vacation away from the hustle and bustle, surrounded by sun, sand and sea, and perhaps your family and friends.

Nevis can be reached via scheduled ferries from St. Kitts, or by small aircraft flights from San Juan or St. Thomas... and it's well worth the trip!

BRING PROOF of YOUR CITIZENSHIP – Valid passports are essential. All visitors - even children - must have a valid passport (or passport card if traveling by sea) and a return ticket. Visas are required for citizens of a number of nations, with just over 100 being visa-exempt, among them the UK and all EU countries, Australia, Canada, India, Japan, and the United States.

Currency – Eastern Caribbean Dollar, but the U.S. Dollar is accepted just about everywhere on the island.

Immigration - U.S. Passports required; visas are required for citizens of a number of nations, with just over 100 being visa-exempt, among them the UK and all EU countries, Australia, Canada, India, Japan, and the United States. Consult your national immigration office prior to travel.

Police, Fire, Medical Emergency - Dial 9-1-1. Police 469-539 Fire Services 469-3444

Hospital - Alexandra Hospital: 469-5473. Alexandra Hospital is the only hospital on the island. There are also medical clinics in each parish. The Resort has doctors on call and appointments can also be arranged in advance.

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