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Grenada, the "Spice Island," is known for its mountainous beauty and for some of the friendliest people in the West Indies. Grenadians speak English with a delightful calypso accent and will make your stay on their island home very special. Grenada's waterfalls, rain forest, volcanic crater lake, tiny villages, cocoa, nutmeg and banana plantations, sugar cane fields, rum distilleries, scenic hiking trips, pristine coral reefs teeming with vividly-colored tropical fish, and lovely beaches all make Grenada an excellent choice for those who like to discover off-the-beaten-track natural beauty and charm. Be sure to explore the crowded commerce of Market Square in the capital of St. George's early on a Saturday morning for fragrant local spices, exotic fruits and roasted cashew nuts just off the tree, or a hand woven straw hat or bag. Luxury Grenada villas lie in the emerald hills and along the island's golden shores.

Grenada (pronounced "Grah-NAY-da") has a varied and absorbing past as seen in Carib Indian artifacts, ancient stone-walled forts and sugar mills, and old plantation estate homes where today lunch is served to visitors. But Grenada's modern-day watersports and excellent restaurants will also delight you. Grenada's history began with the Arawak, Carib and Ciboney Indians who journeyed by canoe from South America. Christopher Columbus first sighted Grenada in 1498, and between 1609 and 1783, the island was handed back and forth between the warring English and French. Grenada was clearly most influenced by its French past; the island's vocabulary today is richly peppered with French names for its villages, local fruits, vegetables and island flora and fauna. The island achieved its independence in 1974 from Britain. Today, flourishing medical and veterinary schools on Grenada attract students from all over the globe, mingling with world travelers arriving to savor Grenada's intriguing Caribbean flavor. Grenada's luxury villa rentals add solace and privacy to enhance your island vacation.

Agriculture still reigns in the green mountains and valleys of Grenada; local farmers grow plots of local fruits and vegetables and cash crops of nutmeg (this tiny island produces one-third of the world's nutmeg supply!), cocoa and bananas. Grenadians also harvest and package a large variety of fresh spices such as cinnamon, cloves, ginger, allspice, vanilla, mace, turmeric, bay leaves and saffron - don't go home without a good supply of small handmade baskets of so-fresh local spices for all your friends. You can take fascinating tours of nutmeg and cocoa processing stations on Grenada. Can't wait to get home to try your bounty? Enjoy a cookout in your Grenada luxury villa's fully-equipped kitchen!

Although Grenada was hit hard in 1994 by Hurricane Ivan and again by Hurricane Emily ten months later, when we visited this beautiful island in the fall of 2005, we were pleased to see that massive rebuilding had been underway. Many just-refurbished and upgraded hotels reopened for the winter 2006 tourist season. Restaurants had already been welcoming their patrons for months. We saw brand new roofs on many, many homes, and Grenada was dressed in lush emerald green with new growth sprouting on trees and on local flora everywhere. Our Grenada villas fortunately emerged with minimal damage and continue to welcome happy guests. On the island, local wits boast of "putting stick in de ground, and jump back quick," as Grenada's rich volcanic soil and warm climate generate an amazingly fast rate of growth. Plants do seem to leap from the soil, as Grenada's lush rain-forest natural beauty now continues to demonstrate.

Grenada's currency is the Eastern Caribbean (E.C.) dollar, which is converted at about $2.72 E.C. per U.S. dollar, but U.S. dollars are also gladly accepted everywhere. To visit Grenada and re-enter the United States, you must produce a valid passport. You must also show your return airline ticket.

Getting to Grenada is easier than you think: American Airlines, US Airways, Air Canada, Air Jamaica/Delta, Caribbean Airlines (formerly BWIA) and American Eagle all fly to Grenada from major gateways in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. You can also fly into Barbados and catch one of the smaller feeder airlines to Grenada for a lower fare than the direct flights. But if you love the Caribbean and the West Indian culture, consider Grenada for your next island trip. You may start a real love affair with this multi-faceted destination.

BRING PROOF of YOUR CITIZENSHIP Everyone departing Grenada, even Americans, are now required by U.S. Immigration to show a passport - please don't forget these for the whole family!

Currency - U.S. Dollar & Eastern Caribbean (E.C.) Dollar, ~ $2.72 U.S.
Postal - Grenada Postal Service + couriers (UPS, DHL, FedEx)

Immigration - U.S. Passports required; visas may be required from other destinations. Consult your national immigration office.

Local Directory Information - 411
Police - dial 911
Fire - 911 / (473) 440-2112
Medical Emergency - 434

Hospital - Grenada General Hospital, St George's, Grenada, (473) 440-2051

Hospital - Princess Alice Hospital, Mirabeau, St Andrew's (473) 442-7251

Grenada Chef Services

Our Grenada villas provide staff to prepare several meals during your stay; please contact us to request additional services outside of what is included in the rental rates.

We highly recommend advance reservations, particularly during peak and holiday seasons.
  • Continental cuisine
  • Island flavors
  • Grilled selections
  • Hors-d'oeuvres
  • Desserts & baked delights
  • Breakfasts
  • Lunches

Provisioning your Grenada Villa

As some meals are included with our Grenada villa rentals, provisioning is part of this service.

Grenada Spa, Grenada Massage, and Grenada Beauty

During your visit, why not add a relaxing or invigorating massage to your Grenada villa vacation? Skilled aestheticians will provide massages, manicures, pedicures, facials, hair removal, reflexology and body wraps to smooth out any kinks that may have tagged along. Indulge in the joy of sharing a massage with a loved one or that special group or friends and family. An on site spa boutique carries sarongs, gift items, body lotion and washes, hand bags, dresses, home accessories and artwork.

It's island living at its best, in a supreme atmosphere! Advance reservations highly recommended.

Grenada Diving, Grenada Cruises, and Grenada Snorkeling

Grenada's shores are the gateways to unparalleled SCUBA diving, snorkeling, powerboating and sailing adventures. The island's relative isolation affords it the timelines necessary to support tremendous growth within its coral reefs; fewer visitors equates to a much more natural environment, free to thrive on its own terms. The Grenadian government strictly enforces regulations that keep the coral gardens and their fauna healthy in a delicately-balanced ecosystem. Set your sights on thrilling sites such as Boss Reef, Flamingo Bay, and Grand Mal Point, and be amazed.

Arrange for a charter to enjoy the sea from above as well; sportfishing, catamaran and majestic sailboats are available for the choosing. You'll make your way to the perfect spot for a cozy snorkel or swim, spinning your days into blissful nights back at your Grenada villa.
  • SCUBA diving and instruction
  • Snorkel tours
  • Snorkel Gear Rentals
  • Diving Gear Rentals & Sales
  • Daysails
  • Powerboat rentals
  • Sport fishing charters
  • Luxury yachts
  • Sunset Cruises
Bareboat rentals or crewed charters available.

Grenada Activities, Grenada Festivals, and Grenada Attractions

Grenada is bathed in natural beauty, from below by the seas that caress its sandy beaches, and from above by the sunshine the nourishes the rainforest canopies and an abundance of exotic flora. Nicknamed the "Spice Isle" because of its key export, nutmeg, Grenada boasts rich soil that supports its inhabitants with tropical fruits, vegetables, cinnamon, sugar cane and ground provisions. You're sure to taste them all when you visit.

The culture of Grenada is as colorful as its crops, with plenty to do and see should you choose to emerge from your Grenada villa!
  • Grenada Round-The-Island Easter Regatta: From 1960-1999, numerous sailors organized and took part in this tall ship racing endeavor; revived in 2008, the Regatta is hosted by the Grenada South Coast Yacht Club
  • Grenada National Parks: The crown jewel of the Grenada National Park system is arguably Grand Etang National Park & Forest Reserve; many may prefer the 450-acre Levera National Park along the coast. Grenada's natural beauty preserved at its finest.
  • Grenada Sailing Festival attracts sailing enthusiasts from all over the world, and features four days of races and regattas and a day-long craft market and cultural street festival.
  • "SpiceMas/Grenada Carnival": The major annual cultural celebration in Granada; the activities take place during the second week in August (Carnival Monday and Carnival Tuesday), just one week after the Emancipation Day celebration.
  • Tennis & Golf on Grenada - Some resorts offer access by appointment; contact our concierge for availability

Planning your vacation on Grenada

Spice up your villa vacation on the "Spice Isle" by adding professional services to make your life easier. Careful attention to detail makes the difference, and we'd like to suggest that you make arrangements as far in advance as possible to ensure the availability of select quality providers.

Our Grenada villas include staff to prepare your meals and attend to your needs while they are on duty; please contact our office to arrange additional services such as babysitting, tours and provisioning.
  • AIG Travel Guard trip insurance - Every plan includes 24-hour "911" travel emergency service for emergency medical assistance, last-minute or emergency travel and flight changes, lost luggage tracking, pre-trip travel advice and more. Explore options online (including Involuntary Termination or Layoff coverage or the All Seasons Protection Plan) to choose what best meets your travel needs.

    For a free, no-obligation quote for travel insurance, call AIG TravelGuard at 1-800-826-4919, and choose option "3" to speak with a representative. Please provide McLaughlin Anderson's unique code number, 62302. You may also visit the web site, for a free quote; at the bottom of the payment page, type in your agent's name in the Agent Name/Initials box, and then the code 62302 in the Agency Code box just before clicking the purchase button. If you must change or cancel any portion of the services you have already booked, you must notify us IN WRITING (by email, fax or letter).

Grenada Weddings, Air Charters & other services

  • Air charters also available; custom and medical air travel services.
  • Grenada Wedding & Photography Services assistance on request
  • Grenada car rentals & ground transportation

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A minimum 7-night rental is required during the HIGH SEASON and 5 nights during the LOW SEASON for most Caribbean villas. A 10-14 night minimum rental is required during the Xmas/New Year's Holiday Seasons depending on the villa and Caribbean island.
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